Camelback Elite Dance Company

Camelback Junior Dance Company

Camelback Elite Dance Company and Camelback Junior Dance Company make up the Camelback Dance Performance Ensemble. 

Elite Co. is a competitive dance team that performs in the genres of jazz, contemporary, hip-hop and ballet dance for their school and local community. 

Elite Co. and Junior Co. dancers collaborate in class through technique, choreography, and dance theory. Elite Co. and Junior Co. perform some pieces together and others independently.


2019-2020 Elite Company is led by Captains Timara King & Asante Mathews.


2019-2020 Junior Company is led by Captains Alicia Patino & Nicol Hernandez.

Additionally, Elite Co. & Junior Co. Dancers are expected to be ambassadors of excellence both on and off campus through their behavior, attitude, and presence online/social media. 

Freshman-Seniors are welcome to audition for Elite Co. and Junior Co. as neither company is affiliated with a particular grade level.


Junior Co. is a non-competitive dance company. 

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